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Change A Life.....

Become A Foster or Adoptive Parent

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Minimum Requirements

  • Prospective foster/adoptive parents may be single or married
  • be at least 21 years of age, financially stable, and responsible mature adults
  • complete an application & other required documents
  • share information regarding background and lifestyle
  • provide relative and non-relative references
  • show proof of marriage and/or divorce (if applicable)
  • agree to a home study which includes interviews with all household members
  • allow staff to complete a criminal history and an abuse/neglect check on all adults in the household (ages 14 and older)
  • attend training and certification classes
  • have adequate sleeping space for children
  • have a home that is safe and in good repair
  • agree to a nonphysical discipline policy
  • permit fire, health and safety inspections of the home
  • vaccinate all pets
  • obtain TB testing as required by the local Health Department for household members
  • attend 20 hours or more of ongoing training each year

Foster Care & Adoptive Home Certification Process

1st Application

Complete questions on the application and gather documents needed that will assist staff in determining eligibility.

2nd Education

Training and education helps families prepare for the placement and on-going care of a child in their home.  Adoptive applicants will attend PRIDE training which focuses on protecting and nurturing children, meeting needs, supporting family relationships, connecting children to safe, nurturing relationships and working as a member of a professional team. Foster care and adoptive applicants will complete TBRI training which is Trust Based Relational Intervention. This training lays a foundation for insight about the impact of a child's history on their long-term development; creates a framework for practical intervention; and enhances understanding about how to interpret behavior and to respond appropriately. Families will also receive certifications in CPR/First Aid; behavior intervention, medication training, trauma informed care, disaster/emergency response and normalcy for children.

3rd Home Study

Noble Children's Services staff will meet with you in order to learn more about family history, motivation, parenting styles, experiences, the family's resources and discuss characteristics of children that you are best suited to care for.

4th Child Placement

Noble Children's Services staff and the Department of Family and Protective Services together will match children with a family that best meets their needs based upon the homestudy.

5th Post Placement

Noble Children's Services provides on-going support to families after children or youth have been placed in the home.  We provide on-going training, service planning and coordination of community and specialized resources. Our agency also completes all adoption paperwork and coordinates the completion of adoptive placements.